Inclement Weather Policy

If your appointment is scheduled on a day that has the following inclement weather (rain, snow, ice, etc), then your appointment is subject to be rescheduled:

  • Rain 
  • Active snowfall -  We do not provide service while it is snowing; however, we may complete service if there snow on the ground. 
  • Active icefall - We do not provide service during active icefall and when there is ice on the ground. 
  • Temperatures below 35 degrees - It is possible that we may not be able to complete any exterior and/or interior services below 35 degrees (we will assess on the day of service) .
  • Temperatures below 30 degrees - We cannot complete any service at all below 30 degrees due to freezing conditions that will affect the customer experience and expected result. 
  • High temperatures and/or high heat index - We cannot guarantee service in conditions where the Sun, High Heat or Heat Index will interfere with our processes or services. We also put the safety of all workers first, so days where it’s deemed as unsafe, services will be rescheduled to the next possible day. 
  • Extreme winds 
  • Heavy Fog 

Our goal is to produce the best customer experience and service to you and your vehicle.  Acid from the rain, snow, and ice will not mix well with our products during application.  We carefully choose products that ensure your vehicle is as hydrophobic as possible and we need the best environment for the application/installation of products during  your Detail and/or Protection service.  

We do not offer refunds and all sales are final; however, we will reschedule your appointment to a day that is better suited for your scheduled service.  See our Refund Policy

What to expect:

A member from Concierge will either text, call and/or email you to notify you of the need to reschedule your appointment and will offer you the first available dates and times for your rescheduled visit. Any questions should be directed to Concierge.